How To Make a Rabbit Nesting Box – Easy DIY

Cheap or free bunny boxes are even better than the ones that are commercially made. If you have scrap lumber, pegboard, and screws, that’s the cost of your nest box. You will need a small saw, a screwdriver, and measuring tape. If you want to learn “how to make a rabbit nesting box,” read this article at the end.

You will need a small saw, a screwdriver, and a measuring tape. You should also have some scrap wood. You can use the peg board to make a box for your bunny. If you have the peg board and the right tools, you can make a box for your bunny.

It’s also a good idea to ensure the box is easy to clean. The doe will be cleaning her babies out of the box regularly, so it’s a good idea to make sure that the box is easy to clean. You can use a wire brush or a piece of steel wool to remove dirt or feces stuck inside the box.

How To Make a Rabbit Nesting Box

How To Make a Rabbit Nesting Box in Easy Way

Follow the steps below to make a rabbit box easily.

Rabbit Nesting Box Size

Now, you have to know the size of the nesting box. You can use a tape measure or guess it. The nesting box should be big enough to fit a full-grown rabbit but also large enough to give your rabbit room to move around and hop.

You should ensure that the nesting box is large enough to fit the size of the cage or hutch. The nesting box must be big enough to hold all the bedding material and eats you will need for your rabbit.


The best way to make a good-looking nesting box is to use wood. Make sure that you get the right kind of wood. You can use peg board for flooring, hardwood, softwood, or plywood. Plywood is the best option.


Now, you need to ensure that your rabbit has enough room to build a nest in the box. Measure 8 inches from the bottom edge of the box. Cut a 5-by-4-inch piece of wood for the back of the box and a 5-by-4-inch piece for the front. Make sure that the parts are flush with the sides of the box.

Screwing It Concurrently

Using a glue gun, apply glue to the edges of the plywood pieces and then press them together. Let it dry overnight before adding the peg board flooring.

Make sure that the surface you put the peg board over is smooth and doesn’t have any cracks or crevices. Screw the box together by using a screw for each corner, using eight screws in total for an uncovered box. The screw holes in a typical box are located at the corners of the top, which makes for easier assembly.

It is the size that will support small to medium-sized rabbits. For more giant rabbits, adjust the measurements according to the size of your rabbit.

Attach metal hooks

Make sure that the metal hooks are not too heavy. They should be light enough so that the rabbit can move around quickly. Attach these metal hooks to the bars inside your rabbit’s cage or rabbit hutch, and this will allow you to easily nest boxes inside the cage or make the nesting box stable.

Strong Nest Boxes 

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, try using the same box you used for the first nest. If not, cover it with fabric or other material to keep the babies safe. If you are still having trouble finding a good place to keep your rabbits, you can always make a cardboard box or plastic storage container to keep them in.

You can also use a shoe box. Punch a hole in the lid, and leave room for the baby to crawl in and out. You can even use a large plastic milk container. Read more about How To Make a Homemade Dog Bite Sleeve?

Wooden vs. Wire Nest Boxes

A wooden box is usually made of wood to raise rabbits. It is easy to build and maintain. You can find a lot of materials at home. However, a wire box can be made from wire. It is cheaper and easier to build. You can find materials at home as well. You can build it yourself or hire someone to build it for you.

A wire nest box is elementary to make, and it’s cheap as well. You can make it yourself, and you don’t have to buy one. It’s good because you can make your own. You can choose the color and design of the box, and you can customize it according to your needs. On the other hand, a wooden nest box is more expensive than a wire nest box.

A wooden nest is a better choice than a wire one. A wooden box is more durable and more stable. It is also easy to construct and clean. You can also wire it easily. However, the wire box is not as strong as the wooden box. It is also difficult to clean.

Placing the Nest Box

Place the box in a sunny spot where you can quickly check on it every day. You should also make sure that the doe has access to fresh water. It would help if you had a place for the doe to stay dry when she’s giving birth. The box should be placed so that she can quickly get into it.

Nest Box home material

You can use shredded paper and pine needles, or you can use shredded newspaper and shredded newspaper. The best thing to do is to get a few pieces of paper or cardboard from the office supply store, then cut them into strips.

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