how to make a lantern in Minecraft

How to make a lantern in Minecraft: Easy and Simple Way

Minecraft is a video game that is made up of blocks. It is almost 10 years old now. It allows players to create their own worlds and share them with others. Players can also interact in the world by building, creating, and mining materials. In this article, we will learn how to make a lantern in Minecraft by following simple and easy steps.

There are many types of light sources in Minecraft. Having a source of light is beneficial for both illuminating your base and ensuring that mobs do not spawn near you.

The lantern is one of the most iconic creations of Minecraft. Crafting a Lantern is a fantastic way to brighten up your base. And ensure that you have a light source in darkened areas. In this article, we are going to discuss how to make a lantern in Minecraft.

Types of Lanterns in Minecraft

There are two different types of lanterns in Minecraft which are regular and soul lanterns. Lanterns were introduced in version 1.14. The lantern is one of the most brilliant things in Minecraft video games.

Many players choose to create it. FIFA World Cup 2022. So they may use it as a light source and decorative pieces in their structures. When you hang a lantern from a post or the ceiling, it looks fantastic. Making a lantern is not complicated, but it does need a few supplies and a basic grasp of construction.

It is one of the most important things in Minecraft. Their light level is 15, which is greater than that of most light sources. You need them in Survival or Creative mode due to their unique quality.

Required Materials to Make a Lantern

There are a few items that are required to make a lantern in Minecraft.

  1. One Torch
  2. Eight Iron Nuggets

Let’s learn how to make a lantern in Minecraft.

How to craft a lantern in Minecraft

There are some simple steps that you should follow to craft a lantern in Minecraft. It is an easy crafting recipe that will help you craft lanterns to make your game more exciting.

How to Craft a Torch in Minecraft

how to make a lantern in minecraft

While crafting a Minecraft lantern, you will have first to prepare a torch. Thus while making a lantern starts with a torch.

You should have the following things to craft a torch.

  1. One piece of stick
  2. One piece of coal

The player will make their way through an obstacle course of wooden boards and planks to the other side. They must turn these pieces into spears along this journey by using the crafting grid on them again!

You can make sticks after you’ve obtained or mined a piece of coal. To do this, combine planks and logs in your crafting menu with the help of an axe to produce one! There will be plenty around for collecting. So mine some while exploring among stone blocks. You don’t need to go far away because they’re that close together underground near these precious resources called “coal.”

Remember that you can only mine coal with a wooden pickaxe. To excavate other ores, you’ll need an iron or stone pickaxe.

Place the materials on your crafting table. Place one of the pieces of coal in the center square of the grid. Now insert the wooden stick into the square below it.

You’ve made a torch.

Drag it from your inventory to wherever you want to use it.

How to Craft Iron Nuggets in Minecraft

You need iron nuggets after crafting the torch. When you’ve collected the required iron nuggets, go to your crafting grid. Place one iron ingot in the middle square of the grid. The iron ingot will become nine iron nuggets. Drag the nine nuggets to your inventory.

Final Step to Make a Lantern

Now you have all the necessary things to make a lantern. Now go to our 3×3 crafting grid and place the torch in the middle square of the table. Don’t leave any square empty; surround the torch with iron nuggets that we have.

It is done you have crafted a lantern. Now you can use it.

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What is Soul Lantern in Minecraft

How to make a soul lantern in Minecraft?

Soul Lanterns are a light source in the game Minecraft. They are created by combining an empty lantern with a soul sand block. Soul Lanterns were introduced in version 1.16 of Minecraft Java Edition. They were initially called Soul Fire Lanterns.

Soul Lanterns provide a light level of 15, which is equivalent to that of torches. This makes them very useful for exploring caves and other dark places, as they emit light in all directions.

They work like regular lanterns but it has a blue texture, except this everything is the same as a regular lantern.

How to make a soul lantern in Minecraft?

The procedure to make a soul lantern is the same as regular lanterns but you will need a soul torch instead of a regular torch.

Now the question is how to craft a soul torch.

Follow the below steps.

How to Craft a Soul Torch

To craft soul torches you should have the required material in your Minecraft Inventory. The required material for crafting a soul torch is given below.

  1. One Charcoal
  2. One Stick
  3. Soul Soil

You can find soul soil or soul sand in the Nether’s soul sand valley. A shovel is a mandatory thing to harvest.

After getting the above blocks combine them with other ingredients mentioned above to make a soul torch.

Now that you have soul torches in our inventory let’s make a soul lantern.

Required Materials to Craft Soul Lanterns

As we have discussed earlier you will need a soul torch instead of regular a torch. In addition to the torch, you will also need Eight Iron Nuggets.

Simple Steps to Craft Soul Lantern

Now you have gathered the necessary items for making a soul lantern. Use them on 3×3 a crafting table. Place the torch in the middle square, and surround it with iron nuggets.

And it’s done! You have crafted Soul Lantern.


Now that you know how to make a lantern and a soul lantern. Bear in mind that they can only be placed on the ground or from the ceiling. Another thing to remember is that you must mine a lantern with a pickaxe before breaking it. They may be utilized as decorative blocks to add more of a medieval look to your base.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use lanterns in Minecraft?

Lanterns are used as light emitting blocks. You can use a lantern to light up the area.
You can also use a lit up lantern as a weapon. If you hit another player with the lit up lantern, it will deal damage to them and set them on fire.

How do you make colored lanterns in Minecraft?

Colored lanterns are a decoration that can be made in Minecraft. They are made from paper and string.
First, you should craft three pieces of paper and one piece of string to make a stack of four sheets.
Then, you should place the stack in the crafting area and add a dye to make it colorful. You can then place this on top of a crafting table to get a stack of four colored lanterns.

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